Sleeping Eye Mask Cover for Lash Extensions | 3D Silk Sleep Mask Adjustable for Women, Girls – Red, Pink, Black, Light Pink Sleep Mask


Do you use Eyelashes Extensions? And need Sleeping Eye Mask to save them. We have the best collection of Lashes Silk Sleep Mask available in Red, Pink, Black, and Light Pink Colors. These 3D sleeping eye masks are soft Handmade, best to use while traveling, and meditation.

✅ Using these, get your well-deserved beauty sleep, whether you are in bed or up in the air. These sleep masks have a cup that protects your eyelash extensions. These are designed with elasticated strap, that contains soft padding. It’s an ideal choice for traveling or home use.

✅ You can also gift these sleeping masks to women like mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend to protect their eyelashes.


  • Elasticated Strap
  • Soft Padding
  • Satin Feel
  • Available in three colors Red, Black, Pink and Light Pink

Sleep Eye Mask for Lash extension is the perfect choice for Women and Girls.

You can gift these beauty sleep masks to your sister, mom, aunt, grandmother, or Girlfriend on any occasion. This will help them to protect their eyelashes while sleeping.

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