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Choose 3 lash products, styles, thicknesses, and curl. Our lash consultant will teach you how to customize your own beauty.

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Become your own lash boss

We are your lash destination for your eye enhancement needs. .

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Our salon is a passport to get away for beauty party. Lash parties are great ideas for girls’ night out, baby shower, birthdays, or bachelorette. You will discover all the latest and greatest about eyelashes.


LUSH 10mm-12mm-14mm
On sale
SELENA 6D Siberian mink eyelashes
On sale


$14.99 $26
WISPY 6D Siberian Mink Lashes Handcrafted


KRYSTAL 6D Siberian Mink Lashes Handcrafted
On sale


$13 $26
VEGAS 6D Siberian Mink Lashes Handcrafted
On sale


$13.99 $26
SHEILA Siberian 6D Fake Lash
On sale


$13.99 $26

From subtle to daring

Box of Lashes

Want to look gorgeous for less? Have you been dying to try something daring with your eye makeup, but haven’t done it yet? With the Box of Lashes is a destination learn how to do your own lashes, you can go subtle or bold and daring depending on your mood. Take a break, gather your friends, and book a party at our luxury white sparkle quartz round bar. Gather up to 10 friends so that you can be part of extensive hands-on lash lessons
Why box of lashes? You choose from style, thickness and curvature – each box you customize your own beauty box, creating the look you desire for a fraction of the full cost.

Strip Lashes

Get your favorite lashes for day or night. Want something natural and round for daytime or glamorous and sultry for nighttime? We have the largest selection of lashes. Choose a different set every day and really change up your look.
All our lashes are cruelty-free and incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Reusable up to 25 times, you get more than your money’s worth out of our beautiful extensions!

Eye Makeup

Choose from our glamorous selection of eye makeup that turns your brows and eyes into a work of art.

  • EONBrow Microblading Brow Pen – Get the highly sought after microblading look with our brow pen. Infused with growth serum, the brow pen gives your brows the 3D look you desire without the need for permanent makeup, and it encourages new brow growth.
  • EONLiner – Made with organic ingredients, the EONliner provides beautiful lines that are smudge-free and last all day long. Infused with lash serum, the eyeliner not only gives you a glamorous look, but it also helps your natural lashes grow.
  • EONLash – Grow your own beautiful and natural lashes with the all-natural ingredients in EON Lash. Correct damaged lashes or grow longer, more beautiful lashes in just 4 – 6 weeks.

Beauty Accessories

Add our high quality beauty accessories to your makeup kit to make your beauty routine easier!

  • Eyelash applicators – The curved stainless-steel tool makes it simple to apply our glamorous eyelashes in minutes, getting you out the door faster.
  • Reusable mascara wand – This is a must-have for anyone that wears false eyelashes. Fluff and untangle your lashes, keeping them looking beautiful and lasting longer.
  • Lash and makeup cleansing brush – Carefully clean your face and lashes without causing damage to your natural lashes. Use the lash brush to cleanse your lash extensions keeping them looking beautiful and lasting longer.
  • Sleep mask for eyelash extensions – If you sleep with your eyelashes on, protect them with the silk sleep mask with pockets to protect the eyelashes. Great for travel or at home.

You create your own look each day, choosing any style, thickness, and curl! Stock up on the most glamorous lashes, grow your own lashes with the lash serum, or get the trendy micro bladed look with our microblading brow pen!
Click here to book your party today and glam up your beauty! You deserve pampering and to create the look you’ve always wanted and we’ve got you covered.