Are you tired of raccoon eyes caused by your mascara smudging? Are you desperately looking for a transformation from uncomfortable eye makeup to beautiful, confident lashes that you can apply on yourself effortlessly? Are you ready to fulfill your dream of being your own lash artist?

 Box of Lashes is the first salon to teach women to be their own lash stylists. Customize your personal lash look using different styles, lengths, and curvatures for any and every occasion. And if you want to glam up your costumes and color themes, we’ve got custom-designed DIY lash extensions that also come with glitter and rhinestone.

 Take a break, gather your friends, and book a party at our luxury white sparkle quartz round bar. Gather up to 10 friends so that you can be part of extensive hands-on lash lessons on how to become your own lash artist, from our lash-pro. Lash parties are a great idea for a girls’ night out, baby shower, wedding shower, birthday celebration, bachelorette parties or team building event. At our salon, you will discover all the latest and best tips and tricks related to eyelashes. Come to learn to do your own lashes and be amazed your new transformation

 Box of Lashes is all about women creating their own beauty. Gather friends and mark your calendar for your BYOB at our salon, which means that you can bring your own charcuterie board and wine. 


To get started, simply start choosing any 3 items of lash or beauty products you wish! We offer variety beauty products and lashes in different style, curl, and thickness.  We promise you will be happy with our variety choices from eye makeup to accessories. With a variety of thickness and lengths to suit your desired look, the hardest part will be deciding what to get - which is why we recommend you take advantage of purchasing more products at 35% OFF during the lash events! 


We offer different thickness, lengths, and curl with many different lash styles for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen the style fit your eye shapes, it’s time to learn how to create the look. Our lash consultants are there to help you pick the best style for you need to achieve your desired look. Our DIY lash extensions are developed for natural lashes and professional eyelash extensions, which mean you can safely apply our DIY lashes over the professional eyelash extensions. It’s a great way to add extra volume if you want to glam up for any event without a need of paying the professional lash artist refills your lashes.


Pull up a seat at our luxury round lash bar - it’s time to enjoy a mocktail and get creative! Our lash consultant will help you how to apply each lash extension to your natural lash in step by step. We also teach you how to remove your lash extensions, how to clean them properly and reusable your lash extensions at any time.


We have 2 selfies booth set up for you to take your photos after the lash lesson. You and your party group are more than welcome to arrive 30 minutes early to decorate your party theme. Please take everything at the end of your party.

How long do the DIY lash extensions last?

 Our DIY lash extensions are self-application by using gentle lash bonding formula, this is to avoid damaging natural lashes. Lashes last up to 3 days with proper care and application process. Our lashes are reusable and ultra-lightweight. 

 How long does it take to learn how to do your own DIY lashes?

This entire process of choosing the products, selecting your lash style and designing your lash framework, and applying your lashes takes about 45-60 minutes, but depends on the group size and how quick you learn the application process.  A group of 6 or more could take up to 2 to 3 hours.

 How much does it cost to learn how to do your own lashes?

For first time lash lover, we offer 3 items of your choice plus 2 FREE items (Lash Bond Remover & Lint Free Applicator) for $90. Additional products can be purchased at 35% OFF during the lash event. We will provide you a wide selection of lashes in different lengths, thickness and curls with exclusive eye makeup, lash grow serum and beauty accessories. The lash kits will be uniquely designed by you as you get to choose what goes inside them. You will fall in love with your transformation.

 Do I need a reservation to learn how to do your own lashes? 

Reservations are strongly recommended for groups up to 5 people or more. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins but note that there may be a wait depending on number of people. For information regarding private parties and events, please text us at 214-739-6000.


Step 1:  Choose any 3 full size items ranging from lashes, adhesives, tweezers, or accessories

Step 2: Choose your lash styles 

Step 3:   Customize and apply lashes

 Step 4: Enjoy your new look!